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2014-2015 Parent and Student Handbook

Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school!  The 2014-2015 Holy Family Student Handbook is available in its entirety online to help you reacquaint yourselves with our policies and procedures.

(Download a pdf version of the 2014-2015 Parent and Student Handbook.)





8:00- 8:10AM            Students Arrive

8:15AM                       Classes Begin (K-5)/Home Room Roll Call (6-12)

9:10AM                       Holy Mass (unless priest schedules otherwise)

10:30-11:15AM          Morning Break K-5 (lasting 15-30 minutes)

11:40-12:20PM          Lunch Recess 6-12

12:30-1:30PM            Lunch Recess K-5

2:30PM                       Holy Rosary

3:00-3:30PM            Dismissal


ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL: The front door of the school, by the office, should be the only entry point for pick-up or drop-off of children or for any other business at the school. Any visitor to the school should check-in at the front office. When coming to Holy Family Academy for drop-off and pick-up, please note that the arrival-departure procedure involves turning left after entering the school driveway, driving the around the back of the building, and proceeding to the front door into the St. Joseph Room for loading and unloading. From 8AM-8:15AM and from 3PM-3:30PM all vehicles should proceed around the school in this manner, even if only to park. Driving against the flow of the arrival and departure line is a safety and efficiency concern. For the safety of everyone on the property at any time, please do not exceed 5 MPH while on the premises. Please obey the speed limit throughout the neighborhoods adjacent to HFA, which is 25MPH.

The school day begins promptly at 8:15AM with either the start of class or the homeroom roll call. It is detrimental to the academic formation of children and for the order of their classroom to arrive late on a chronic basis. Please make every effort to be on time! Attendance and tardiness will be noted by each teacher every day. If your child is going to arrive late (miss roll call), depart early, or be absent that day, please inform the school by means of e-mail sent to attendance@holyfamilyacademy.net by 10:30AM, along with any excuse or instructions (whom to send homework home with, for instance) that the teachers should be aware of.

For late arrivals or early pick-ups during the school day, there is a sign-in/sign-out sheet at the school office that should be signed. If a child in the 6-12th grades arrives late and misses their roll call, they should sign-in in the red binder at the front office. Parents should make every effort to coordinate early pick-ups prior to the school day, so as to minimize the last-minute retrieval of students by those at the office. Your cooperation is most appreciated!

At the end of the day, the school prays the Holy Rosary at 2:30 PM, and dismissal follows at 3:00 PM.  During dismissal, students are to remain quietly in uniform in their classroom ready to be picked up until departure. Parents should display their family number card to assist in efficiency of the dismissal process. Anyone running late and arriving after 3:30PM should park and enter the school to retrieve their children. When exiting the school please come to a complete stop at the top of the driveway.


CARPOOLING: In accordance with our special use permit, we strongly encourage all families to try to carpool with another family. This cuts down on the trips each parent has to make and causes less traffic and inconvenience to our neighbors. If you do not know of anyone who may be interested in carpooling, please consult the directory or call the front office. The use of carpooling should also cut down on the time it takes for dismissal.


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: When Prince William County schools are closed for weather conditions, Holy Family Academy is closed. In the event of a two hour delay, we will begin our school day at 10AM. PWCS updates can be found online at twitter.com/PWCSNews or via the PWCS telephone hot line: 703.791.2776 (select #3). In the case of other emergency closings specific to our school, you will be notified.


LUNCH REGULATIONS: Each student is required to bring a bag lunch to school every day (and a morning snack, if needed). Please do not send microwavable items. A hot lunch will be offered for a nominal fee every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Order forms for hot lunch will be in weekly envelopes.


MEDICATION: The school will dispense no medication, including aspirin, without specific permission from a parent. Students should not have any medications in their possession without parents’ permission. If a student needs to take a medication during the school day, it should be left with the homeroom teacher with a note from the parents.


NEWSLETTER/WEEKLY ENVELOPE: Every Thursday, the Newsletter will be emailed to each family and posted on the school website. A weekly envelope of information that cannot be emailed (report cards, playground schedules, discipline notices, fundraising info, etc.) will be sent home as well with the oldest child of each family.   The newsletter will indicate what items are being sent home that Thursday in the envelope. The envelope should be returned the next day. The weekly envelopes are also used for parents to relay notes, lunch orders, manna cards, permission forms, and other information to the school.


MANNA CERTIFICATES: The manna program is a fund raiser that involves no cost in time or money to participants. Store gift certificates are available at a discounted rate to our school, and made available to family members. These certificates spend just like cash; when you purchase them through the school, HFA retains a percentage of your order. The certificates are issued by particular stores (a list is available at front office), are good at all locations, will buy anything the store sells, and costs participants nothing! Order forms are available on the school website under “News and Events.”


FEES AND TUITION: There are several fees and dues that are required throughout the school year. In order to help you plan your budget accordingly, we are providing you with a schedule of set fees. Tuition is paid in 10 payments, on 1 July through 1 April. Please note that Holy Family Academy does not charge tuition for more than five students.

The Tuition rates are as follows:

K-6   1st child  $4800,  2nd child $2700,  3rd child $1400

7-12 1st child $5900,  2nd child $3500

Kindergarten – 15% discount

Registration Fee – Due at Registration – $50 per child.

School Improvement Fee — $50 per month, per family from July to April.

Book Fee – Due on 1 July – $100.

Cleaning Fee – Due 1 September – $125 a year or $3000 of purchased Manna certificates per family.

Directory Advertisement Campaign –Each family is required to bring in $250 worth of ads or contribute $250 directly to the campaign by 1 June.

*Tuition and fees are non-refundable in the event of withdrawal, dismissal or expulsion.



DAILY PRAYER: The school day at Holy Family, as with each and every class, begins with prayer. This puts both students and teachers in a proper mindset to do all things for Christ. Students will have the opportunity to pray in both English and Latin, the language of Holy Mother Church. Traditional and devotional prayers will be emphasized and are an integral part of the curriculum.


THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS: It is our goal to have the students understand, participate in, and love the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the primary source of Grace given to us by our Lord. We make every effort to have Mass daily at the school, as it represents the source and summit of both the Christian life, and our educational goals at Holy Family Academy. The reverent assistance at Holy Mass in both its Latin rite forms is a hallmark of our school.


DAILY ROSARY: The school day will end with the teachers and students reciting the Rosary together at 2:30 pm. It is our goal, in the classroom, to teach the students to fruitfully meditate on the beautiful mysteries of the Rosary. In this way, the Rosary becomes a great source of grace to them and a further supplement to their education and formation. The recitation of the Rosary at school should not discourage parents from upholding the venerable practice of the family Rosary at home.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS: On Fridays during the Penitential Season of Lent, the school prays the Stations of the Cross in lieu of the Holy Rosary. In this way we meditate upon the Passion of Our Lord and the solemn focus of the Lenten season.


CONFESSION: A priest will be available to hear confessions periodically throughout the year. This should not be considered a sufficient replacement for regular family confession, but only a supplement.


FIRST CONFESSION AND COMMUNIONThe first and second grade teachers will prepare students for these sacraments, but arrangements for the reception of these sacraments must be carried out by the parents.


HOLY DAYS OF OBLIGATION: It is our custom and policy at Holy Family Academy to reserve Holy Days of Obligation, the Sacred Triduum, and the Octave of Easter, as solemn times for prayer and for family. As such, school will not be in session of those days.


ALL SAINTS DAY: Every year around the Feast of All Saints, the students are required to write a report on a saint of their choosing, and to dress up as this saint. All families are invited to attend this celebration, which, after the presentation of the most outstanding reports, will involve the distribution of candy to the students.


SANCTITY OF LIFE: It is an important priority for every student to gain an appreciation for the sanctity of human life and to combat the culture of death that surrounds us to the best of their ability. Prayer and sacrifice are the primary tools for promoting the Culture of Life, but knowledge of our culture of death and activism that is age appropriate are also essential to fulfilling our Christian duty. Each year all students are required to write a pro-life report or essay to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and to promote pro-life awareness.


TOTAL CONSECRATION TO MARY: Each year the students prepare to dedicate themselves to Jesus through Mary in the spirit of St. Louis de Montfort. After over a month of preparation, all students will have the opportunity to make their consecration or renew their consecration around the time of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in December.


MAY CROWNING: Each year we celebrate a Eucharistic Procession and Crowning to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary during the month of May. The date and time will be announced in the spring of each year in the weekly newsletter.


ROME PILGRIMAGE: During the Thanksgiving Break of odd-numbered years, the students and parents of the junior and seniors classes have an opportunity to journey ad limina apostolorum in pilgrimage to Rome.




Grades 2 through 12 are recorded on the following scale. The corresponding meaning and grade point average (applicable only to the high school) are also included.

A         100-93             Outstanding             4.0

A-        92-90              Excellent                    3.7

B+      89-87               Very Good                  3.3

B         86-83               Good                           3.0

B-       82-80               Satisfactory                2.7

C+      79-77                Fair                              2.3

C         76-73               Acceptable                  2.0

C-        72-70              Barely Acceptable     1.7

D+       69-67             Deficient                    1.3

D         66-63              Seriously Deficient   1.0

D-        62-60             Extremely Deficient  0.7

F          59-0                Failure                          0.0

I                                   Incomplete


Kindergarten and 1st Grade use a different scale, consisting of:

O         Outstanding

VG       Very Good

G          Good

S          Satisfactory

U         Unsatisfactory


HOMEWORK: Parents should assist in ensuring that children complete their homework every day. Students are expected to be fully prepared for their classes each day, and a failure to do so will adversely impact the student’s final grade.


PARENT CONFERENCES: Provisions are made for parent/teacher conferences in November, prior to Thanksgiving break. Otherwise, parents are welcome to make appointments to meet with teachers or the Headmaster at any time.


MAKE-UP WORK: In the event of tardiness or an absence, as mentioned above, parents should send a note of excuse to the teacher or e-mail to the school. Students who miss instruction time are responsible for any assignments or test that is missed. Work that is late without excuse will be penalized accordingly.


EXTRA HELP: Parents whose children are experiencing difficulty in their courses are strongly encouraged to arrange as soon as possible to meet with their child’s teacher after school to discuss any deficiencies. If you desire a meeting with the Headmaster, please call the office. The teachers at Holy Family Academy always stand ready to assist with academic difficulties, and the upper school teachers are available at regular times after school for tutoring help!



HONOR ROLL: All students in the High School who achieve a trimester grade point average of 3.5 or higher will be listed on the First Honors Roll. All students who achieve a trimester grade point average between 3.25 and 3.49 will be listed on the Second Honors Roll.


ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY: In order to participate in school sponsored athletic teams, students in the 6-12th grade must be enrolled at Holy Family Academy and maintain a 2.00 GPA and have no more than two classes with a grade below C- in the term preceding the sports season. A student that fails to meet the above academic requirements may only be allowed to participate on a provisional and probationary basis at the discretion of the Academic Dean in consultation with the Headmaster, their teachers, and their parents, and only if the student has demonstrated diligent effort and consistent completion of homework. Likewise, a homeschooled student with siblings enrolled at Holy Family may possibly participate, but only with the special permission of the Headmaster and Athletic Director.


ACADEMIC SANCTIONS: If any student in the Upper School (7th-12th Grade) receives an F in any class or fails to achieve a 1.7 GPA, the student and parents will be required to meet with the Academic Dean and Headmaster and be put on Academic Probation. A student will be released from Academic Probation when they have sufficiently improved their performance in the next reporting period. If a student continues to under-perform while under Academic Probation, he may be put under Academic Warning. Failure to improve performance while under Academic Warning may result in dismissal from the School.


HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Holy Family Academy has a standard curriculum which emphasizes the classics of Western Civilization while preparing students for college. All students need to complete the four years of instruction in the following courses before graduation*:

  • Religion (including Scripture and Catholic Doctrine)
  • Philosophy
  • History (including a year of Western Civilization)
  • Literature
  • Science (including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • Math (including completion of Algebra II and Euclidean Geometry)
  • Foreign Language (including the completion of Latin II)

* Any exceptions to these requirements for transfer students must be approved by the Academic Dean.


GRADUATION HONORS: Seniors will be honored at graduation for the following achievements: Summa cum Laude for those with a GPA of 3.75 to 4.00; Magna cum Laude for those 3.50 to 3.74 GPA; and Cum Laude 3.25 to 3.49 GPA.

The graduating senior having completed at least two years of instruction at HFA with the highest GPA (with a minimum of 3.50) will be honored as Valedictorian. The graduating senior meeting these requirements with the second highest GPA will be honored as the Salutatorian. The faculty will also choose an outstanding student, who need not be Valedictorian, to address the Graduation assembly.



Holy Family Academy expects that all students to pattern their behavior after Christ and use the great Saints of the Catholic Church, especially our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph, as models of Christian behavior. A Catholic life grounded in virtue and love of God and neighbor is the inspiration for all that is done at Holy Family Academy.

Holy Family Academy students represent the school and all students are expected to display exemplary behavior at all times and uphold a code of conduct, both at school and outside of school.


DISCIPLINARY CODE: Holy Family Academy believes that children are capable of loving the true, the good and the beautiful. Students are expected to continually strive for greater perfection in moral virtue. Thus, even when students use poor judgment and fail in certain actions, they are expected to uphold an honor code. They should be truthful at all times and take full responsibility for their actions. Students at Holy Family Academy are expected to abide by the following regulations:

  • Students are required to conduct themselves as Catholic ladies and gentlemen: they should be polite and respectful at all times, most especially to parents, teachers, and clerics, but also to their fellow students. Disrespectful or intimidating behavior and harassment or malicious teasing will not be tolerated in any form.
  • Fighting or violence will not be tolerated. Students engaged in fighting will be removed immediately from the conflict and may be suspended.
  • Vulgar, obscene, or profane language or behavior is not acceptable. If a student acts or speaks in such a manner, his parents will be notified and appropriate disciplinary action will follow.
  • Students should respect the classroom policies of teachers and should make sure that they are punctual.
  • As a thorough Catholic education of students is the primary goal of Holy Family Academy, the use and possession of various secular or electronic items is restricted on campus, any of which may be confiscated by a teacher if found:
    • Video games, CDs, DVDs, or non-academic or edifying journals or books should not be brought to school.
    • Cellular phones or any other transmitting or receiving electronic device may not be brought to school unless a student has driven to school, and then the phone must remain in the car. In such situations these cell phones may only be used during an emergency situation and with the express permission of a teacher.
    • Cameras or video cameras may only be brought to school or used with the permission of a teacher. Students must, further, obtain permission to post any kind of photos or videos on the internet.
  • Respect for property is a prime responsibility for a good Catholic citizen. Every student is expected to cooperate in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the classrooms, desks, tables, hallways, drinking fountains, and especially restrooms. Vandalism and littering will not be tolerated. Accidental damage should be reported immediately to a teacher or the Headmaster.
  • Students should respect school property, further, by seeking permission from their teacher before using the school phone, or entering the office or teachers’ lounge.
  • Students should carefully observe their classroom teacher’s policy on food and drink. Food should not be eaten in the St. Joseph Room without explicit permission of a teacher. Further, chewing or bubble gum is not allowed at any time on the school premises.
  • Students should not play in the woods next to the school, around the pond, or near any construction site or equipment.
  • No student is allowed to leave school property on foot at any time, and no High School student who drives to school may leave campus by vehicle except at dismissal time, unless explicit permission is granted by both the parents in question and the administration of Holy Family Academy.
  • Cheating/Plagiarism – Any student who is caught cheating in school, or who plagiarizes material for an assignment, will be given a zero for that assignment and will be properly disciplined. Examples of cheating/plagiarism include discussing test questions with students from other sections, copying homework, and failing to cite academic sources, whether quoted or paraphrased.
  • Students should observe, at all times, the school dress code & uniform policy.


SCHOOL DRESS CODE: In an effort to encourage seriousness in our academic pursuit, the school asks families to ensure that children are always appropriately and modestly dressed.

  • School Day: During the school day, students are expected to be in uniform, the details of which are below. They are to remain in uniform while on the school property and until their parents pick them up at the end of the day. They may only change at school with the express permission of their teacher.


  • After School Activities: Students are allowed to change into appropriate clothing if they are attending an after school activity that requires it, such as those who are members of Sports Teams or the Boy Scouts. They may only change into clothing that the teacher or activity leader deems acceptable, and this at the proper time. Students who merely attend, rather than participate in, after school sporting events at Holy Family Academy as spectators should remain in uniform. Students should refrain from changing for non-school related events while still on campus, unless they receive the permission of their homeroom teacher.


  • Evening & Weekend Events: For evening or weekend school events which occur at any time not immediately following the school day (whether the debates, plays, or sporting events), students should know that they should wear their uniforms unless directed otherwise. Usually permission will be given for students to wear either “Formal” or a “Dress Casual.” For Evening and Weekend Events designated “Formal,” students should wear their “Sunday Best.” Boys are to wear a suit or blazer, button-up collared shirt, slacks, and a tie. Girls are to wear a dress or skirt and top. Skirts must be below the knee and tops must be sleeved and modest. For Evening or Weekend Events designated “Dress Casual,” students should dress in a modest and dignified, if more casual, manner. Boys are to wear a collared shirt (polo shirts are acceptable), and non-denim or cargo slacks. Girls should wear a skirt that falls below the knee, and a top that is modest. Tee shirts, shorts, and jeans are not acceptable.


SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Children should be well groomed at all times, with all pieces of uniform being clean, neat, and crisp looking, with no tears or holes. The uniform must fit correctly, with oversized pants, shirts, jackets, and ties not being acceptable. Students should also be well groomed and clean personally, as good hygiene must be observed.

PLEASE NOTE: all items, except the jumper and skirt, may be purchased through frenchtoast.com (QS5KFRH), landsend.com (900060682) or flynnohara.com (or at their store in Fair Lakes). To order online, you simply need to register, type in the name of the school, and only items approved by Holy Family will appear. They will ship directly to your home. Please be sure to specify that you are from Holy Family Academy, as they will give the school a percentage of the total sales.


The particulars of the uniform are as follows:

Girls K – 6th Grade

Jumper: All girls should wear the jumpers sold by Holy Family Academy. They are made in standard sizes and will be sold hemmed, unless otherwise requested. Jumpers should reach mid-calf in their length. Certainly used jumpers may be worn, so long as they are still in good condition and are long enough.

Shirts: Girls should wear white Peter Pan collar shirts, long or short-sleeve, without rolled up or ¾ length sleeves.

Socks: Girls should wear plain white crew socks or navy blue or white tights.

Sweater: Girls may wear navy acrylic or cotton crew cardigan sweaters, but not V-neck cardigans.

Shoes: Black or navy dress shoes, with a closed toe and heel shoe with a heel of no more than ¾ inch thick. Girls should not wear tennis shoes, boots, sandals, clogs, or shoes with open heels.

Jewelry: One religious necklace, and stud earrings only are permitted. Bracelets or anklets should not be worn.

Headwear: Girls may wear white or navy simple hair accessories. No bandanas or multiple clips.


Girls 7th – 12th Grade:

Skirt: Girls should wear a plaid skirt with the school tartan. We ask that all orders go through Holy Family, so we can order all at once. We must allow up to 10 weeks for delivery. Skirts should touch the floor when the girls are kneeling, and pants may not be worn under the skirts.

Shirt: All girls must wear a uniform white shirt in Oxford or Peter Pan style available at frenchtoast.com, landsend.com or flynnohara.com in long or short sleeve, but with no buttons on the collar. No half or quarter-length sleeve shirts are allowed, as shirt sleeves must be 3 inches long from the armpit. Girls should not roll up sleeves, or wear colored undershirts beneath the uniform shirt.

Vest: We ask that all girls order the Navy Blue Vest. You may order them at frenchtoast.com, landsend.com or flynnohara.com. You may either request an embroidered school emblem on the vest, or sew on a patch.

Shoes: Black dress shoes, with a closed toe and heel shoe with a heel of no more than 1½ inch thick measured from the back. Girls should not wear tennis shoes, boots, sandals, clogs, or shoes with open heels, except at recess or field day.

Socks: Girls should wear plain white or black crew socks (visible and covering the top of the foot), or navy, black, and white tights.

Sweaters: Girls may wear a navy, grey, or black crew or cardigan sweater. Sweaters should not have designs, hoods, or be made of sweatshirt material.

Jewelry: One religious necklace, and stud earrings only are permitted. Bracelets or anklets should not be worn.

Hair & Make-up: Girls should have only traditional or conservative hair styles & colors. Any hair ribbons must be plain blue or white. Noticeable make-up of any sort, lipstick, and nail polish are not permitted.

Field Day Uniform: Girls may wear the field day uniform which consists of: 1) short sleeve polo shirt, 2) long sleeve polo shirt, or 3) crew sweatshirt along with uniform skorts (which should not be shorter than a couple of inches above the knee). These items can be found through landsend.com, and may be worn for the rest of the day following the completion of field day.


Boys K – 6th Grades:          

Jackets/Blazers: Boys should wear a navy blue, single-breasted jacket/blazer. Every jacket should have an HFA emblem sewn on the left breast of the jacket. Please make sure that the student’s name is in the jacket. You might note, further, that the most durable jackets are polyester or wool, while the cotton/linen/rayon jackets do not hold up as well.

Shirts: Boy should wear long or short sleeve light blue or white oxfords. Long sleeves should not be rolled up.

Tie: All boys must wear a navy blue tie. They are available for purchase at the office.

Pants: Boys should wear either grey or navy dress slacks. Corduroy, cargo pants, painter-pant loops, and outside-stitched pockets are not permitted. We recommend iron leg patches on the inside of the pants to extend the life of the pant leg.

Belts: Every boy must wear a black belt.

Shoes: Boys should wear black dress shoes. Laces are permissible, and leather-type soles are preferred, though the heel should not exceed 1 inch in depth. Tennis shoes, boots, and other non-dress shoes are not permitted.


Boys 7th-12th Grade:

Jackets: Boys should wear a navy blue, or grey, single-breasted jacket/blazer. Every jacket should have an HFA emblem sewn on the left breast of the jacket.

Shirts: Boy should wear long or short sleeve light blue or white oxfords. Long sleeves should not be rolled up.

Tie: Boys should wear a conservative tie – plain or striped are ideal. Ties may be removed for recess or field day.

Pants: Boys should wear either grey or navy dress slacks. Corduroy, cargo pants, painter-pant loops, and outside-stitched pockets are not permitted.

Shoes: Boys should wear black dress shoes. The heel on these shoes should not exceed 1 inch in depth. Tennis shoes, boots, and other non-dress shoes are not permitted, except during recess and field day.

Belt: Every boy must wear a black belt.

Hair: All boys must have short conservative haircuts and be clean shaven, and they should not dye or bleach their hair.

Field Day Uniform: Boys may wear the field day uniform which consists of: 1) short sleeve polo shirt, 2) long sleeve polo shirt, or 3) crew sweatshirt along with uniform shorts. These items can be found through landsend.com, and may be worn for the rest of the day following the completion of field day.


9/3/2014, PWS

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