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National Yearbook Week!

National Yearbook2

October 6, 2014Proclaimed by Pres. Reagan in 1987: School yearbooks not only chronicle educational achievement and school tradition but are a part of them. For nearly two centuries American students have produced yearbooks to commemorate the accomplishments of the school year and to compose a lasting record, written and pictorial, of campus, classmates, teachers and school staff. In later years, alumni treasure their yearbooks for the memories they hold of times gone by and friends of long ago. The students who compile yearbooks likewise treasure all that the experience can teach them about teamwork and about writing, the graphic arts and business skills. The practical cooperation and specialization that students learn in yearbook production stand them in good stead when they enter college or pursue other opportunities.

Introducing the HFA yearbook staff for the 2014-2015 edition: editor-in-chief Shane McCrum and his editors Amanda Tutts, Amber Westhausen, Abi Clune, Kate Santschi, Monica Kopeck and staff Colette Kosten, Cecilia Belleville, Kiana Skojec, Louis Skojec, Ben Johnson and yearbook teacher Mrs. Matwijec.

“Yearbooks allow all students at HFA to see themselves and their friends in print as a part of the school story and are valuable keepsakes that everyone in the HFA community can hold onto forever. Creating a yearbook is a great way for students to learn important skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and media literacy. The real-life experience gleaned in yearbook can lead to personal and professional success, no matter what career choice they pursue.” – Mrs. Matwijec

Copies of the HFA yearbook can be ordered by emailing to Mrs. Matwijec at yearbook@holyfamilyacademy.net or through one of our staff.

If anyone (student or parent) has pictures they would like to submit for us to consider, please email them to Mrs. Matwijec.

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