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Warthogs vs. Ladybugs and Spaghetti Supper tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 2:15pm, the Warthogs will play the Ladybugs in what seasoned critics are calling the Image 2014-10-23 at 5.52.13 PMmatch-up of the century. Coaching prodigy Eric Zlatos (HFA class of ’10) is pushing his Ladybug team to the limit, hoping to recapture his own glory days on our field. The Warthogs are led by grizzled pragmatist Patrick Spence, who coached last year’s Ladybugs to an undefeated 1-0 season but notoriously clashed with the team’s corporate management, going so far as to demand a stipend while praying before games. Mr. Spence announced over the summer that the Warthogs’ Booster Club President, Pumbaa Clune, had made him a generous offer.

The Ladybugs will be eager to avenge that desertion, much like the citizens of Athens after Alcibiades’ defection to Sparta during the Peloponnesian War. But can their indignation overcome the pinpoint
lb1quarterbacking of Kevin Dow, the prison-hardened fury of the Warthogs’ line, and the tactical prescience of their backfield?

Come by at 2:15 for the game, or show up for the Spaghetti Supper at 5 to congratulate the victors! Please RSVP to Kathy Dean if you plan to make dinner.

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