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Updates to cell phone policy and dress code:

The 2015–2016 Parent and Student handbook is online; please note two updates:

  1. Cell phone policy (page 3):
    1. High school students (and only high school students) may bring cell phones onto campus, if needed for after school events.
    2. During school hours, 8:00–3:30, these phones must remain switched OFF and in the student’s car, or in a closed backpack pocket.
    3. Before, during, and after school hours, students are forbidden to access the internet via cell phone or other electronic device on school property. Cell phones which are found during school hours, or used to access the internet at school at any time, will be confiscated. A parent may retrieve the cell phone from the Dean.
    4. The school phone is always available to students for necessary calls. Parents who need to reach children during the school day should call the front desk at (703) 368-6111
  2. High school boys’ dress code (page 13): High school boys may now wear khaki dress pants, in addition to the approved navy or grey options.
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