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Mrs. Matwijec’s Yearbook Page

Welcome to the new Yearbook page!

Calendar of Meetings:

Blue Team Page to design due date   Green Team Page to Design due date
Shane Dedication Jan 27th Abi Upperclass candids Jan 27th
senior parent pg Jan 27th Sr formal/baby Jan 27th
dodge ball pg Feb 24th JH girls BB Feb 24th
Graduation Mar 24th underclass play Mar 24th
Amanda Faculty Mar 24th Kate JH boys soccer Jan 27th
9th/10th gr candids Jan 27th All Saints Jan 27th
Sr parent pg Jan 27th HS girls BB Feb 24th
JH boys Basketball Mar 24th HS girls soccer Mar 24th
Amber 8th gr candids Jan 27th Monica siblings Jan 27th
Winter random_MFL Jan 27th JH mugshots Jan 27th
HS boys BB Feb 24th JH boys Baseball Mar 24th
Thesis Mar 24th May Crowning Feb 24th
Kiana–quote ok by Mr. Spence Fall Festival Jan 27th Cecilia HS boys soccer Jan 27th
Football Jan 27th 9-10th mugshots Jan 27th
Barn Dance Feb 24th Chapel pg Feb 24th
HS Baseball Mar 24th yearbook staff Mar 24th
Jr mugshots Jan 27th
Louis Title Page Jan 27th Colette  debate Jan 27th
Epiphany Ball Jan 27th Epiphany Ball Jan 27th
HS JV boys BB Feb 24th 7th/8th gr plays Feb 24th
JH girls soccer Mar 24th Spring Dance Mar 24th
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