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Lower School Curriculum

Complete Scope and Sequence

Class Texts & Subjects, Lower School


Kindergartners pose for a picture with Mrs. Gallaher.

Kindergartners pose for a picture with Mrs. Gallaher.

Religion: Catholic Children’s Treasure Box, My Jesus and I, Leading Little Ones to Mary.

Phonics: ABeka Letters & Sounds K5.

Reading/Literature: BOB Books; Duck CK Book; Faith & Freedom Readers; Catholic National Readers; America Cardinal Readers.

Science: AIMS – Math & Science

Mathematics: ABeka Number Skills K5.

Music/Art: Our Music Year 1; Wee Sing Serves



Classrooms in Kindergarten and 1st grade are set up with books and activities for students.


Religion: Baltimore First Communion Catechism

Grammar/Phonics: Phonics Level B MCP; Voyages in English

Reading/Literature: American Cardinal Readers; Angel Food for Boys & Girls

History/Geography: The Presidents, States; Gettysburg Address

Science: Our Father’s World, God’s Creation Series; Earth Science, Planets, Weather.

Mathematics:  ABeka Arithmetic

Language: Latin Prayers and Hymns



Students blow up balloons for a class party!


Religion: Blessed Amelda; The New St. Joseph First Communion Catechism; King of the Golden City

Grammar/Phonics: Rod and Staff’s Preparing to Build English 2

Reading/Literature: Narnia; Betsy-Tacy Series

Spelling: Wordly Wise

Science: God’s Wonderful Works: The Creation in Six Days

Mathematics: ABeka Math 2

Map Skills


Mrs. Whitter with a third grader at the Christmas pageant.

Mrs. Whitter with a third grader at the All Saints pageant.


Religion:Baltimore Catechism; Holy Bible.

Grammar: Building Christian English #3.

Reading: Cardinal Readers; The Little Flower; Door in the Wall; Christmas Carol; Swiss Family Robinson.

History/Geography: Our Country; How America Began.

Mathematics: ABeka Math 3

Science: Exploring God’s Creation

Language: English from the Roots Up (Latin & Greek Word Roots)



Religion:Baltimore Catechism Volume 1

Grammar: Building With Diligence

Reading/Literature: What Joy Awaits You; Outlaws of Ravenhurst; Wind in the Willows; Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates; The Secret Garden

History/Geography: How America Grew; Virginia History & Geography; US States and Capitals; Famous Men of Ancient Rome.

Science: God’s Inspiring World

Mathematics: Saxon 5/4

Language: Latina Christiana



Religion: Baltimore Catechism Number 2; Faith & Life Series 5; Holy Bible, Books of Daniel, Psalms, and Acts.

Grammar: Warriner’s Grammar & Composition, Introductory Course

Reading/Literature: My Catholic Speller, Level E; Call of the Wild, Hound of the Baskervilles; But Life is Calling You – Rise Program; The Harp & the Laurel Wreath; Otto of the Silver Hand; Secret of Pooduck Island

Spelling: Spelling for Young Catholics.

History/Geography:The Old World and America; World Geography

Science: God’s Wonderful World

Mathematics: Saxon 6/5

Language: Latina Christiana Book 2




Religion: Baltimore Catechism Volume 2

Grammar: Warriner’s Grammar & Composition First Course

Literature: Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Irving; Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain;

Captain Courageous by Kipling; Animal Farm by George Orwell; Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy; Everyman

Geography: Merriam-Webster’s Student Atlas

Science: Science: Order & Reality (ABeka)

Mathematics: Saxon Math 7/6

German:Langenscheidt German-English Dictionary; German: How to Speak and Write It by Rosenberg.

Choir: Adoremus Hymnal; Liber Cantualis; St. Gregory Hymnal

Physical Education



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