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Dear Parents,Science fair

Thank you for your interest in Holy Family Academy!  We are excited to help you learn more about our school, including our curriculum, faith life and extra-curricular activities.

Because Holy Family has limited capacity, we regret that we cannot accept all students who apply, but we do currently have a few openings.

There are many resources here on our website to help you learn more about our school and determine if Holy Family Academy is a good fit for your family:

Holy Family Academy seeks to keep tuition as low as possible in order to accommodate Catholic families. In fact, our tuition and fees is lowest among the private and Catholic schools in northern Virginia for families of three or more.  (A limited amount of aid is available and Holy Family uses a third party service to assist in determining aid levels so as to keep your financial information private.)

For more information or questions, please fill out the form below, e-mail me at admissions@HolyFamilyAcademy.net or call the Front Office directly at 703/368-5679.

I look forward to hearing from you!

May God bless you,

Mo Woltering

Holy Family Academy does not discriminate based on race, sex or social class.

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